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FastFoodNutrition.org is the nation's leading independent website devoted to educating consumers about their fast food options. Founded in 2005, FastFoodNutrition.org features nutrition facts for more than 22,000 menu items from 90 of the nations largest fast food chains.

Our website has been featured in and cited by some of the largest publications in the world. CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Atlantic, Esquire, Livestrong, Healthline and Lifehacker are just a handful of the publications that FastFoodNutrition.org has been featured in.

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FastFoodNutrition.org is based in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Our team is made up of technologists and writers who are health and nutrition enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide the very best and latest nutrition information, so that all consumers can make informed food choices.

FastFoodNutrition.org is completely independent and has no business relationship with any food or restaurant company.


Alex Lenhoff, an Associate Member of the American College of Nutrition, has dedicated his life to improving access to nutrition information. In 2005, Lenhoff founded FastFoodNutrition.org after finding it exteremly difficult to find nutrition information for fast food restaurants. A college student at the time, Lenhoff compiled a comprehensive database of fast food nutrition facts and decided to publish it to help the public make smarter food choices.

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